HORI METAL LEAF & POWDER CO.,LTD. was established by Denbei Sunagoya in 1711(Edo Period).
Since then we have had a long history for 300 years.
Our products are widely used for not only cultural assets, famous arts but also in the new field like printings, cosmetics and food.
Today we are trying to develop new products and a possibility of gold leaf and powder being used in the new field.
We would very much appreciate receiving your continued patronage of various fields of industry.
-We will continue to color the tradition and create the newness.-
We will go ahead with creation of new value by adding gold leaf with you all.

President Tomoyuki Hori

Tomoyuki Hori


1711 The founder,Denbei Sunagoya manufactured gold leaf under the control of the Tokugawa government.
1864 The store building was burned down by a fire in the Hamagurigomon War.
1868 The Meiji government gave us a license to sell gold leaf.After the Meiji Restoration, the market was expanded in all over Japan.
We began to deal in a variety of metal foil and powder.
1945 After the Second World War, we developed our business in the new field like printing, building materials and so on.
1950 Shizendou was recognized into the company HORI METAL LEAF & POWDER CO.,LTD.
1955 Our gold leaves were used to rebuild the Kinkakuji Temple.
1964 Nagoya branch office was completed.
We began to sell transfer foil.
1985 We succeeded in developing edible gold flake [MAIKO BRAND] for the first time.
2000 We succeeded in developing 24K gold leaf KOGANEHAKU for the first time.
2001 The head office was redecorated.
2004 Yoshiaki Hori assumed the position of the chairman Tomoyuki hori assumed the position of the tenth president.
We acquired ISO9001:2000
2008 The ”Osaka local office” was opened.
"Shanghai Horiking Printing Material Trading [Shanghai] CO., LTD" was opened.
2011 The 300th anniversary of the foundation.
2013 The ”Kyusyu blanch office” was opened.
2015 Receive the Oscar certification.
2016 The ”Kyusyu blanch office” has been renamed the ”Kumamoto blanch office”.
The ”Tokyo office” was opend.

Company profile

Name of the company HORI METAL LEAF & POWDER CO.,LTD.
Address 356 Gokomachi Higashi-iru Nakagyo-ku Kyoto,Japan
TEL 81-75-231-5357
FAX 81-75-211-5357
President Tomoyuki Hori
Established 1711
Capital 10,000,000
Accounting period March 20
Local office
<Tokyo office>
Aoyama Tokyu building 6F
3-1-3 Minami-aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo,Japan
TEL 81-3-4540-6250
<Osaka local office>
5-12-1 Nakamoto Higashinari-ku Osaka,Japan
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Customer bank
<Head office>
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Kyoto Branch
Mizuho Bank
Kyoto Branch
Directors <President> Tomoyuki Hori
<Senior managing director> Masahiro Hayashi
<Managing director> Takaaki Murata
<Director> Yuko Hori
<Director> Masayuki Sou
<Auditor> Junko Matsusaka
Activities Manufacture and sales of various metal leaf & powder
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