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Site fabrication - Interior & Exterior decoration

The art of gold leaf cultivated in Kyoto, the city of handcrafts and artisans

Horikin Ltd. has met over the years many artists and worked with artisans as supporting cast. We offer our services while searching relentlessly for new techniques of expression for the gold leaf. Through our network composed of artisans and artists, Horikin puts into form the ideas of its clients.

Traditional usage of leaves

For hundreds of years, we have been engaged in the production of gold leaves, indispensable for kimono, pottery or religious artefacts.Not only as experts in traditional techniques inherited by collaboration with artisans, Horikin Ltd. is continuously trying to find new methods and techniques to meet the needs of modern times.

Contemporary usage of metal leaves

Horikin Ltd has a strong experience in furnitures and interior decoration for modern constructions such as hotels, jewellery shops, stores and housings. We ensure a high quality application of foil ornamentation on resin, wood, paper or glass, while accepting new challenges on surfaces that might be impossible to work on. After a meeting to talk about all the details, we put our uniforms on and go to work!

Expression methed

"Hiraoshi" A technique that consists in applying gold leaves on a flat surface, often seen on gold‐leafed folding screen.

 " Sunagoburi " A technique that consists in sowing golden flakes into a bamboo box.


Goldleaf+ Glass

Creation made of coloured leaves and burnt copper silver leaves

 Creation embellishing the base material 

Site construction


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