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Coloured Silver Flakes

The coloured silver leaves are made of resin and dye-pigment incorporated into silver-aluminium leaves. Not only as tinsels or leaves for kimonos, coloured leaves are widely used in Japan. This traditional and unique product born in Japan have a wide and rich lineup of Japanese colours. Nowadays, they are also used for artistic purposes and interior creations.

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· Do not apply on food.

· Decoloration might occur if used with solutions such as thinner.

· Change of colour and characteristic might occur due to heat, pressure or friction.

· Change of colour might occur when in contact with chloride gas or sulfur dioxide.

· Make sure to test it before application.

· Avoid the use of bleacher agents.

· Avoid long term exposition to strong lights such as UV light, fluorescent light orspotlight.

· The basic material used for this range of products is silver leaves. Be aware silver has a tendency to discolour easily.


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