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Powder in saucer

Powders like a watercolor paint

Glue has been incorporated ,it is easy to apply it with brush.

Powder with glue in a saucer

In Japan, it is a tradition to prepare hand-made paint in a saucer using a special mixed powder. Since glue is incorporated in it, it is easy to apply with a brush, on the model of aqueous paint. 

  • No.1【23.44K】

  • Plutinum【99.99%】

  • BlueGold【18.1K】

  • Silver【99.99%】

quintity  1dazen~



Turnish series   

Mixed with a special solution and after showering, it is possible to prevent discolouration. 

  • Turnish resistant WaterGold 



  • Turnish resistant BlueGold




  • Turnish resistant Silver



  • Turnish resistant imitation gold





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