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Stamping material

Handmade material from Kyoto’s bamboo

Bamboo being electrostatic, it is commonly used in Japan for stamping tools.
Since the tool itself is handmade, the skilled artisans’ techniques are overwhelming.
Let us present to you the stamping tools made in bamboo, a high quality must-have.

SUNAGOZUTU;Powder shaking cellar

How to make SUNAGOBURI by using Japanese traditonal tools
(Sunago=Flakes of leaves)


Powder-shaking cellar
Paint brush ,Gold leaf pincer, Gold powder brush ,Gold leaf

How to 

After inserting the golden leaves’ chips into the cellar, stir them up and place them into a sheet of Japanese paper 
or oilpaper. Place it back into the cellar, shake and pour it on. 

The more the merrier!

You should repeat the process more than once to get optimal results.


Gold leaf pincer

M20cm/M for pearl 20cm

Tools for picking up  leaves.

Sharpen the extremity of the pincer depending on the use.





To apply extremely thin material such as gold leaves is a very delicate operation that requires you to transfer the leaves onto a surface.
 To facilitate the process, you can use a barrenBefore transfer , camellia oil needs to be applied with the barren on the paper.Barren is a useful too;  to apply leaves on paper. This traditionl way of transfer is called AKAUTUSI in Japan.

KAWABAN;Cutis Plate TIKUTOU;Bamboo burnisher

Size:board20㎝×20cm ・ burnisher30cm

Tool for transfering leaf or cutting piece of Goldleaf.This is made with cow's skin.Flat board, you can use it on the table.

Tatakifude:・SUNAGO HAKE;Gold powder brush

Gold powder brush L/M/S

These toops are used with Powder shaking cellars and can be used for making blur patterns.



Brush used for genuine Japanese lacquer. Premium quality product made with human hair.
 Since it leaves no brush marks, it is optimal for cashew paint. 

Gold removal brush

Extremely soft. Allow you to clean neatly the leaves without any damage. 



Flat brush


Used to apply adhesive.

Makie brush for fine writing

length of brush 25mm

Using a subtle technique that replicates rat hair merits, this brush is made with nylon.  

Transfer paper



How to use transfer paper

1.Place the gold leaf on the cutis plate and put the glossy surface of the paper on the leaf. 
Using the pincer or the baren, apply and stick them together. 
2.When you lift the transfer paper sheet, the leaf stays in contact with it. 
3.After applying adhesive on the object, place the transfer paper on it, press the gold leaf and take off the paper.  



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