Leveraging the Value of

What We Work With

Proudly Playing A Supporting Role

Kyoto has been home to plentiful arts and crafts.
Ever since the spark of religious art, the city has kept attracting talented artists and craftspeople.

Back in 1711, under the Shogunate authority of the time, our ancestors began making gold leaves.
These gold leaves were applied to arts and crafts of the time, and have shined quietly in the corners of the city until today.

Metallic leaves and the powder themselves are craftworks, involving countless delicate and arduous handiworks.
However, they are merely materials-just like spices in the cooking process-they exist in harmony with other elements in the creations to assist them shine to the fullest.
Like our products, we aspire to play a humble, but meaningful role in the diversity of creative projects.

The Three Principles

Continuous Innovation

Providing is Preventing

“Prepare umbrellas on sunny days for a rainy day.”
“Keep searching for something new to work on, in preparation for unexpected challenges.”

Following these words from our ancestors, we have constantly applied our technical assets to new spheres and cultivated new markets.
We are always hungry to develop innovative but authentic metallic expressions with customers.


0.1g Matters

Having supplied materials to artists and craftspeople with discerning eyes for centuries, we have been able to constantly leverage the quality of products, as well as build absolute trust.
“When we say it’s genuine gold, it must be genuine gold. When we say it’s 0.1g, it must be 0.1g. We always have to be true to what we say.”
This resolution has always been at the core of our quality control.
In order to take over the legacy of trust to the coming generations, we strive to continuously monitor and update the measurement, management, and checking system.


With Every Stakeholder

Harmony within the company, harmony with suppliers, harmony with customers, and harmony within the neighborhood have been cultivated over 300 years of history.

Now the harmony is starting to spread across the globe. We are excited to catalyse the new potential of metallic leaves and powder with creators of diverse backgrounds.

Metallic Expression for Any Projects

Suitable items can be searched by the type of your project; from arts and crafts to construction, industrial applications, novelties, and food.

Metal Leaf and Powder

Metallic leaves and powder come in a wide variety of metals and colors.
Please use this search engine to compare different materials.
Metallic leaves and powder can be searched by diverse types of metals and colors.